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The Digger Collective had a big problem which it shared with most other earthmoving companies. Earthworks is seasonal work, we get 8 months of the year to be as productive as possible and make the most of spring / summer (the earthmoving season) after which the rainy season makes work next to impossible on most sites for 4 months. The problem this creates is in labour resource management, the company would come out of winter and not have enough staff to reach peak productivity causing costly project delays and frustrated under-resourced site managers. A typical reaction to this is to use a labour hire company however The Digger Collective management do not use traditional labour hire due to the widespread exploitation of workers and subsequent quality of the staff they provide.

Hustle New Zealand Labour Hire provides a solution to this problem, by bringing a "sharing economy" business model to the labour hire industry Hustle NZ is able to provide a quality service with workers who show up to work and genuinely want to get stuck in (being a digital platform they have also removed all of the paperwork commonly associated with temporary staff which is very handy). The Digger Collective have hired many operators, carpenters, hammerhands and labourers from Hustle NZ and never had a bad experience. This means we can scale our business appropriately according to demand, usually within a few hours. 

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