Pioneering spirit lives on in Milldale

The naming of Auckland's newest large-scale subdivisions, Millwater and Milldale derives from the Kauri that was milled from the land in the early 1800's, then floated down the river to awaiting vessels, kauri was also milled further inland as far as Wainui.

William Webster, my great, great grandfather was one of these early pioneers. Settling in New Zealand in 1839 near the Hokianga Harbour. He brought with him machinery for a saw mill which he erected at Wairere. This was New Zealand’s first water driven timber mill and production started in 1845. 

Having a direct relation to one of the earliest sawmill operations in New Zealand has made working on the early stages of these subdivisions and pioneering the way forward with over 3500 new homes for Auckland a very proud moment for The Digger Collective, and myself as a Webster. 

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